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- Follow up consultations during your program and after your plan has concluded

Spry Nutrition Plans

We know everyone is starting this health journey from different places. Whether you’re an Iron-man competitor or haven’t broken a sweat in years, there’s a monthly plan for you at Spry Nutrition.

Each plan is outfitted with graders who have years of experience in building nutrition plans that’ll have you seeing the improvements you want.

Virtual Nutrition Consult

Curious if how you're eating the right fit for you? Our daily meal assessments are a great way for you to get to know how you're eating.

  • 1 Appointment Session
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Nutrition plan


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Follow-Up Appointment

Already received a nutrition consult but looking for some more guidance? Schedule a follow up appointment.

  • 1 Appointment session


Nutrition Counseling Package (6 Appointments)

Whether you’ve taken a fitness hiatus or are starting for the first time, this plan is built for people who need more support transitioning into better health.

  • 6 Appointment Session
  • Follow up consultation (5)


5 Star Wellness Program

Get a full meal plan to follow along for 24 months.

  • 1 Meal Program

-5 star wellness program (5 years)


Sports Nutrition Counseling

(On site or Virtual)

This plan is fit for advanced or elite athletes who want to stay at the top of their game with performance based nutrition.

  • 1 Appointment Session

- Initial Consultation (1)


Weight Loss Program (12 Weeks)

Trying to lose weight? This meal program is designed for optimal weight lose.

  • 1 Meal Program


Getting Started

A 30 day kick-start program

  • 4 Appointment sessions

- Getting started initial consultation (1)

- Getting started follow-up (3)